Private Charter Boat In Phuket

Private Charter Boat In Phuket

Phuket VIPS, offers an unforgettable chance to charter a boat in Phuket. We have both private charter speed boats and private yachts available for our guests.

The Phuket tour is completely tailored to your itinerary. You may take in any of the islands you would be interested in visiting – at your leisure. Just allow the experienced boat crew to take care of everything and enjoy your time to relax. You can be assured that you will be taken care of throughout this tour.

Phuket VIPS boats are very comfortable and also fast. They are fitted with all of the safety equipment required and also has a large covered area, for when you need some shade. This is a completely private charter, with only your passengers and the crew on-board. This is a fantastic way to explore Phuket’s beautiful Islands and beaches.

Lunch can be served onboard your private charter boat. Our private yachts have kitchens onboard. So, staff can prepare fresh Thai buffet style lunches for our guests. 

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