Why Hire A Phuket Tour Guide?

If you are going to be visiting Phuket in the future, you no doubt want to make the most of your time in Thailand. Phuket VIPS can take the stress out of planning your days and tours.

We understand that you have busy lives in your home country and you may not have the time to research and plan your days in Phuket. If you have never visited Phuket before, you will have the added stress of being unfamiliar with the area, the culture, the Thai customs and the experiences available.

Phuket VIPS, can assist you with planning your schedules and ensuring you have an amazing holiday. By using our Phuket experts you do not have to worry about anything.

If you are only staying in Phuket for a short time, we can ensure that you will pack in as much as possible.

Why Should I Hire A Phuket Tour Guide?

  • Your Phuket Tour Guide, is a resident of Phuket who better to guide you than someone who lives in Phuket.

  • Your tour guide is a Thai National, who knows Thai culture and customs. They will ensure that you do not unintentionally offend anyone as you are unfamiliar with Thai customs.

  • You will have a unique chance to view Phuket through the eyes of a local resident. This is a great opportunity to experience the real Phuket not just the tourist side of Phuket.

  • Your tour guide can manage your time perfectly. They will know which tours + travelling time you can fit into your time per day. This means you do not run out of time or miss anything you really wanted to see or do.

  • If you want to go off-the-beaten-track we can make it very easy for you. Your tour guide will have access to local places and communities that the average tourist would not. Your guide can also talk Thai and interpret for you throughout your day.

  • Have the chance to really learn about Phuket and have a completely different experience from the average holiday-maker.

  • Even if you have visited Phuket before, this service is invaluable. There are always places you have never visited or have never had access to in your previous visits. If you have done all of the tourists attractions before, take the time to explore and learn much more about the real Phuket.

If you have an idea about a Phuket tour – but have not seen it advertised anywhere – we will work with you to make it happen.  Phuket VIPS, offer custom made tours to meet your needs and requirements.

What Is included?

(1) Transfers to and from your hotel (at the beginning and end of the tour)

(2) Private Air-conditioned transport for the duration of your tour

(3) Private Tour Guide (fluent in English & Thai)

(4) An escorted private tour of Phuket Tour Guides, treats our clients as our guests not just tourists.

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